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We will end up together, the result of the Small handkerchiefs : do you know the 2 songs in the trailer ?

This evening, TF1 will broadcast the episode 8 of season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy”, which sees many of the characters closer together. On this occasion, focus on Jake Borelli, aka Dr. Levi Schmitt one of the first gay characters in the series. ABC Shonda Rhimes had promised us, this season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, which airs currently on TF1, is placed under the sign of love. And she has not disappointed us, first with the love triangle consisting of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) and the new entrant, Atticus Lincoln (Chris Carmack), but also with the new couple’s surprise trained by Dr. Nico Kim (Alex Landi) and the internal Levi Schmitt. Played by the young Jake Borelli, this character is clumsy, sporting the nickname “Glasses” (“glasses” in English), which until then had not necessarily noted, there was a real increased in power since it portrays one of the first characters of male homosexuals in the series. But who is he ? Difficult beginnings Born in Ohio, Jake Borelli looks very young in the painting and won a number of prizes for his work when he was still in high school. In parallel, he developed a passion also for the theatre and participated in more than a dozen plays in his establishment, which is going to decide to do his graduate studies in California in order to pursue a career as an actor. The young man goes very quickly small roles on television including in iCarly, Parenthood, and NCIS, before becoming, in 2016, Wolfgang, a German not speaking a word of English, in the comedy from Nickelodeon, The Thunderman. It appears, however, that in a dozen of episodes and will resume very soon the path of the castings. Jake Borelli in his debut in The Thunderman.
#Schmico or the new couple’s flagship In 2017, Jake Borelli was offered the role of Freddie Myers in the comedy-drama Netflix #REALITYHIGH, a satire of social networks, where it lends its features to the best friend of the main character camped by Nesta Cooper. In the same year, he announced that he was going to embody the Dr. Levi Schmitt in the season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy. This young internal awkward, tricked out with several nicknames, among which “Glasses” and “Blood Bank” (“bank of blood” in English), happening at the beginning, rather unnoticed, and acts as a spring comedy. It is only this year, thanks to his relationship with the doctor and Nico Kim, a new doctor openly gay, he is gaining notoriety and becomes a key figure. Alex Landi and him embody the first gay couple of the series, and will inspire a real enthusiasm on the part of fans, to give them their own nickname : Schmico. This coming out television has had an impact as well on the character, who then comes back to trust in him and turns out to have a real talent for emergency medicine, that on the actor. In view of the enthusiasm of the viewers, it was decided to admit his homosexuality on social networks, and to explain the impact he hopes to have on the gay community with this role tailor-made. Jake Borelli and Alex Landi are a couple steamy in Grey’s Anatomy. Now the question is how the show medical will exploit this new couple that promises to be iconic, and which will allow us to broach subjects that were still untapped, like homosexual adoption, for example. For the moment, the return of two players for the next season is not confirmed (there are indeed not part of the main cast), but there are strong to bet that we will soon be unable without them.

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Avengers Endgame : Iron Man, Captain America… why do they carry new costumes ? [SPOILERS]
The Haunting of Hill House : season 2-officially commissioned by Netflix

It is this week that the broadcast of the first season of”Unfaithful” ends on TF1. The actor Jonathan Zaccai, who embodies the husband Mattéo, reflects on his experience on this ambiguous project… THIERRY LANGRO / STORIA TELEVISION AlloCiné : Have you got wind of the existence of the british series Doctor Foster before you proposes its adaptation to hex ? Jonathan Zaccai : No, I discovered its existence at the time when I was offered the project. And I loved it. What I find interesting, it is to make a series on a topic that could almost seem trivial, in the case of infidelity, and to multiply the points of view to tell more than that. Your character, the husband of Emma, is from the outset not very kind. Play this kind of man, it ask you, it makes you hesitate ? I don’t judge the characters that I play. I am almost a lawyer. I am here to defend it, regardless of what he is or what he has done. What Mattéo is serious, of course, but it happens. And the empathy that one has for him, or that it has not, varies depending on the person. There was an ambiguity in him and also in the viewer, who is going to judge things differently according to his reading, his own life, his experiences… I’ve tried to embody it in the best way possible, I imagined motivations. I see it in any case as someone who is sincere, lost, suffering. People who do wrong also suffer. He fell in love with another woman and there is a disarray. Then there is the wear and tear of the couple, all these things… I just tried to understand it. The delivery of the actor’s original English has it influenced in one way or another, or you have the feeling to propose something completely different ? I’ll admit that his character is not really what I preferred in Doctor Foster. I found it very passive. He was smiling, and he watched the trains pass by. Perhaps it made him even more bad, I don’t know. I wanted to give it more body. But I think it comes from our cultural differences too. English male, and excuse me, I’m going to make generalities, but I allow myself because I have English friends, is, by definition, less latin, less pissed off. After that, it is a series that speaks of intimacy, so we must go to seek in oneself of the things that we talk about and what mattered to me the most was to be as accurate and credible as a couple. Is there a scene that you appréhendiez especially ? A scene from the last episode, which I can’t talk too much, of course. But let’s say there’s a moment where he has to make a choice, and this confusion, this doubt, was very difficult to play. For the series more generally, there is a difficulty in continuity. It does not turn in the order, and there are so many lies that accumulate in this series, that I no longer knew very well where I was sometimes. I rested on the script in these cases. But it does not change large thing in the background because I had to always play the sincerity, even in the lie ! It is disarming. There are a lot of intimate scenes in the series. Is it that you get used to it after several years of career or it is always a little complicated ? It is never simple. We had very much wanted to turn together with Claire Keim, we knew each other well, and I think it made the thing even more tricky the shot. This is a shot in the first. We immediately put on naked in the proper sense, both literally and figuratively. It was not that bad. You are immediately entered into the heart of the matter, in the intimacy of this couple.

Langro Thierry you Are known to tv for your role of Raymond Sisteron in The Office of the Legends on Canal +. It is almost surprising to see you on TF1, which tends to appeal to players considered as “popular”… I have chosen a project before choosing a chain. But in the background, and I liked the idea to speak to a wider audience. I’ve mostly made films that no one has ever seen, some beautiful series more confidential. I wanted to open myself. And then it is true that The Office of the Legends has boosted my career and even made me discover with lots of people. On the side of the French channel TF1, between, barely noticeable, and Bracelets that are Red, there are more interesting things, and I am glad that I participate at my level. You can see a lot more on tv today, but movies and series, even fight for you ? I like to walk between the two. I was also in The Big Bath and Remi without a family in 2018, I will be soon be a Beautiful Girl with Alexandra Lamy and Miou-Miou. What attracts me to it is a project, a team, fellow players, no matter where he was born. After I watch more series, like everyone else, the pleasure is equivalent to that at the cinema. I don’t deprive them of nothing of the coup. And then it speaks to me of the Office of the Legends everywhere, it has been sold in more than 100 countries. Of the spaniards I have docked recently. A Norwegian also. It is pretty crazy. You realize sometimes. Directing episodes of shows you might like ? Yes, but then not on The Desktop of Legends ! Having Eric Rochant as an actor, I must admit that it is good enough ! A season 2 will be Unfaithful you actually want ? Like it very much. I think that one will make changes compared to the season 2 of the series in English, which was more trash. We will leave in another direction. It is a bit of a war of Pink and it can last a long time. What series would you recommend to our viewers, you watch a lot ? Even if the last season in the date I was a little disappointed, I’m a big fan of Better Call Saul. I saw recently The method Kominsky on Netflix. I love Michael Douglas, so it’s a pleasure to see him play this actor disillusioned, theater teacher, who speaks of his bladder problem with his friend played by Alan Arkin. It is not crazy, but it is really not bad. Otherwise, Hippocrates is a nice proposal. And the series that has marked me the most is The Handmaid”s Tale. I had a little trouble watching season 2, I think the first me was enough.

What looked like the characters in the original UK Unfaithful ? See the slideshow Slideshow Faithless Vs. Dr. Foster : what looked like the characters in the original series ? 5 photos

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