Game of Thrones : the team describes THE great battle of the season 8 [SPOILERS]

While the return of “Game of Thrones” nears, the actors and producers of the event series have recently teasé the gigantic battle that will take place in this final season : a never-before-seen on a screen, simply. HBO-SPOILERS – Warning, the following article unveils potential spoilers. If you do not want to know about the content, please do not read what follows… A little over a month before the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, the voltage is at its peak. And even if for the time being, the secret remained still carefully guarded by all the actors, the team of the event series seems to have activated the “”teasing ” phase”. After unveiling a twenty posters characters, and pretty magazine cover, actors and producers of the series recently entrusted to Entertainment Weekly , referring in particular to the one of the most awaited times of the last 6 episodes : the Battle of Winterfell. Between the Walkers White to the heroes of Westeros, this epic confrontation in which the 55 nights of filming (!!!) have been entrusted to Miguel Sapochnik (who had previously directed the Battle of the Bastards) seems to have broken all records, and promises an experience never seen on the big or the small screen : “What we have asked it to accomplish to the production team and the actors this year have clearly never been done before, whether it be the television or at the cinema,” explained the co-producer delegate Bryan Cogman to Entertainment Weekly . “This face-to-face final between the army of the dead and of the living is unprecedented, merciless and mixing multiple genres within the battle. There are sequences that are nested inside other sequences, they even nested in other sequences. David and Dan have designed an amazing puzzle that Miguel Sapochnik, was disassembled and put back in order. This has been exhausting, but I think that will bluff the whole world.” HBO It’s probably a show truly enjoyable, which waits for the spectators in April or may next year. As regards the actors, on the other hand, the sequence seems to have represented a true torture, as well as the have confided in some members of the cast, still at the microphone of Entertainment Weekly . “It was the experience most unpleasant that I lived on the filming of Game of Thrones. It was a real challenge, really terrible. You go to bed at 7 o’clock in the morning, and when you get up at noon, you are still so exhausted that you can barely do anything, and he should be back in. You don’t have a life outside of it,” explained Iain Glen, interpreter of Jorah Mormont. “Nothing can prepare you for something as physically demanding,” said Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark since season 1. “This goes on night after night, again and again, it never stops. You can’t afford to get sick, and you need to pay attention to you, because there is so much to do and no one to replace you… Sometimes, you are totally broken, humanly, you just want to cry.” “Everyone prays to never have to do that,” a simply summary Rory McCann, aka the Sleuth. Now that’s what we put even more water in the mouth, and turn the few days that separate us from the season 8 in a true eternity. Here’s the article from Entertainment Weekly in its entirety… to help you wait until 14 April, and (re)discover the teaser of this last season… Game of Thrones – season 8 Teaser VOST "The Crypt Shoot"

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